If You Want To Know, Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work, Read this Article!

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really WorksDoes Wealthy Affiliate (WA) really work? Have you ever been anywhere and had a better experience than someone else? I always hear this question when people first join WA. Or, people wonder how quickly will they be successful. To be honest, that is a hard question to answer. Why? It all depends on you. The thing is, you can look at success in so many ways, not just financially. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to begin that journey. We will talk about that further and have a special bonus at the end for you.

I will say, this is not that gloat about me kind of article. I rather show you from others that have benefited from WA as far as 2005 and already this year too. That tells you WA is no joke. They really mean business when it comes to your success.

How I look at it as all of these people could not be wrong about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s like if a group of people came and told you the same story about a person or thing. Then it couldn’t be a lie, right? That’s what I will show you here. The proof is in each and every testimony.

With the question: Does Wealthy Affiliate(WA) work? There are some other questions that always comes with it, like:

  • How long does it take you to make money?
  • Is all this stuff as hard?
  • Should I go Premium within 7 days of trying it out as a Starter member?

These questions are relevant to the question if WA really works. As you read, I will explain what WA is really about and have a bonus for you at the end. Let’s start with the owners: Kyle and Carson on how they started out.

WA Started With 2 Men With A Dream To Help

It all started out with two gentlemen with a dream of their own to help others. However, when they started out, the internet was nothing like it is today. They were in the realm of DSL(slow town) of the internet world.

That’s like trying to dig a hole with your hands instead of with a shovel. Could you see yourself trying to make an online business in that era? I don’t know if I would have had the patience to do so. That is some serious determination and devotion to see their dreams comes true. However, they used what they had to move forward. Now they are sharing with others what they learned to become successful. It all started with a thought to help people which is their passion.

Your Passionate Thought For Success

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really WorksHow many things do you see online today that is helping you in some type of way? From paying bills to inquiring about a particular item you saw on TV. Have you ever thought each and every website online started out with a thought of what a person is passionate about? Did you know that could be you too?

WA is a place where you can be taught everything that you need to know in order to have a successful online business. Seriously, they are there to make sure that you succeed.

People Think Otherwise…

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Works

I thought I could capture the answer to does WA really works in one swoop. I know that people think it doesn’t work because of others’ experiences. Have you thought, they didn’t truly put in the effort like other people did?

I’m not saying you want someone to do the work for you. It’s just that it’s something new to you and some see that as a challenge to not pursue their dreams, which is definitely the wrong attitude to have. You have to take that first step. I know how you feel; I was skeptical when I first joined too.

Before WA, you couldn’t get me to write about anything, let alone, or what I really thought about things. Writing in WA at first, I thought it was going to be like writing in an application. It was far from that. One thing I love, they allowed you to have a voice for yourself regardless of what others think. WA has a strong respect for each member of their community like no other. I know you may be saying, it sounds like a great place to be but does it really work? Keep reading further, it will answer your question.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Works?

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Works

Do WA works? Yes, they do. The problem that I am seeing is that the some think that WA is like a microwave. You press a few buttons – BING, your money is ready! That is so far from the truth and no online business works that way. People in WA work very hard to get where they are to work a few hours a day, sometimes a week. But that comes with hard work FIRST.

I kept telling myself I don’t have anything when I actually did. How many people can say they have a website or two with no experience in doing so, and they are functioning safely with no problems by hackers. I can say that. I also have traffic which means people are visiting my sites. It’s been six months. Now let that sink in. 

I will not lie to you. I thought it was going to be easy for me when I started and it wasn’t because I had no experience at all. Not to mention, life issues came in the way too, which they always will. Each month was a challenge for me. Some days I cried because I felt I wasn’t getting anything accomplished. Not knowing, I was.

does wealthy affiliate really work

The crazy part was that it was all in my mind. Yes, in my mind. Some people never know how much they can accomplish if they would just allow their mind to open and don’t doubt themselves. I know some people are tired of hearing that but it is the truth. Let me explain what I’m talking about.

Wealthy Affiliate has training and lessons that you go through at your own pace. However, that doesn’t mean you can just chill around like you made your money already. It’s grinding time. That’s where you may be up all night and day to get what you want to be done. In other words, punch the time clock(your own clock, of course) and work overtime to get the job done.

does wealthy affiliate really work

Well, I didn’t do that. I kind of went on my day like the money will come soon. How in the Hell can that happen when I didn’t do all the work yet? What was I thinking?!? Where was the money going to come from if I didn’t do the work? That’s how the internet makes you feel there’s minimum to do when you’re trying to create a business online. Well, that’s not true.

Have you ever thought how long does it take you to make up a profile for yourself? I still haven’t finished my profile on Facebook and I opened that 7 months ago. Similar to my profiles for other social media platforms, which shouldn’t be like that if I want to be an online entrepreneur, right?

does wealthy affiliate really work

As I was writing this article, I noticed the things that I need to make my business improve. Sometimes you have to write/talk to others to see what you are doing wrong.

This made me think of why WA really works:

  1. They don’t pressure you into anything that you don’t want to do.
  2. Two, they make sure that you are here to make a difference in your life and want to help you to do so.
  3. You can do this all for FREE. Yes, for Free.

Hold on! Not everything is for free. However, this price couldn’t be beaten anywhere else. I am sure of it! Ok, let say you join the community for free and you loved it so much you wanted to go Premium. What’s Premium? The ‘Ultimate’ membership to me.

So, What’s a Premium membership?

WA has only two memberships: Starter (Free) and Premium(a monthly/Annual membership). You can be a Starter member however as long as you want. Yet, becoming a Premium member is far better and without limitations as being a Starter member.

Let’s go back to the scenario:

does wealthy affiliate really work

You wanted to go Premium within 7 days of being a Starter Member. The best part about that is, to become a Premium Member for the first 30 days, is only $19. I thought that was crazy but it is so hard not to try out for 30 days and I did.

The awesome part was within the 30 days I made a website. Yes, my very own website. It only took me 5 minutes to create. Now that’s just one part of creating a website. The part that is challenging is having a functioning website that people want to come to and Wealthy Affiliate teaches that to you one lesson and training at a time. You can click here to create your website for free.

Now that you are at the end of your 30 days. What now, right? As you invest that $19 for the first 30 days and you want to stay a Premium member.

You have two choices which are great if you are on a budget: monthly($49) or yearly($349) membership. I know you think the yearly membership seems pricey but it’s not. Other companies ask for 3 times that much and don’t teach you anything. That will not or ever happen at WA.

Or you can stay a Starter Member, which is fine. It’s just that you will have some limitations moving throughout the community. Check out the graph below of the Starter vs Premium member of what to look for from both.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Works

Claim Your Bonus Here:

If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I am going to be giving you:

1.) You are going to get a 61% discount on your first-month Premium membership (only $19).

2.) You will have personal and private access to me. I will support you through every step of the way.

You can access your bonus if you join Premium membership within your the first 7 days.

Yes, WA Really Works

I know I gave the outlook of WA. Here is an insight into WA from members that had success just this year alone and there are many more success stories in WA. Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate really does works. You just have to put the effort into doing so. No one can ever do the work for you. Unless you paid them to do all the work for you. 

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try. There is no harm in trying something new, that may change your life for the better.

How Making Money When You Have No Money Isn’t As Bad As You Think

I swear this was talking to me. Who wants to make money when you have no money to invest with? I know I didn’t!

I saw so many websites online of ways to make money, however, you have to have some money to do so. What type of money?

Do you have $1,500 to $20,000 to invest in an online business at the moment like AWOL?

Making Money When You Have No Money-1
In my opinion that seems a bit too pricey. If I had that amount of money, I would possibly pay others to build my website for me.

Yet, some of us are not that fortunate. The best way to make money is to start small.

I know, you may not have any money. I want to know, what do you mean when you say that you have no money?

What Do You Mean No Money

I’m not picking on you. I really want to know. Is it that you are on a budget? Is it being completely broke?

Making Money When You Have No Money-2

The answers that you may give, I understand quite well. Some may see it as, if they don’t see where their money is going, they are not interested. That is understandable too.

I know money may be tight. It was for me too. I wasn’t working at all when I wanted to work for myself. I was tired of being on a job making money for someone else and not enough for myself.

What I have is a strong partner by my side, that believed in me more than I believed in myself. Yes, it was stressful.

Keep reading, I will explain how stressful it can be.

This S!%T Is Stressful!

Mann, you know how you see people having such glorious freedom to do whatever they want to do?

Making Money When You Have No Money-3

I always thought they were saving money since birth, lol. It makes you feel like it will take you a long time to get where they are.

When you feel that way, it does become stressful to feel like you are down a long hallway and never can get to the end.

However, that’s not true.

Is It As Hard As You Think

The thing is that you have to make that first step believing in yourself. I have to repeat that to myself, we all do until it sinks in.

Making Money When You Have No Money-4

Some people really don’t think positively. They would rather settle, thinking nothing will change about their life.

That’s when you allow negative thoughts to set in. You begin to react to those negative thoughts until they manifest into feelings, where you’ll think it will be hard to do anything. It will be hard then is you look at it that way.

Stop thinking you can’t do anything. You can do or be anything you set your mind to. Now, that you feel that it is not hard, you’re left with the thought of how to make money.

I Want To Make Money, Though…

I know you do. Don’t we all? The difference I notice the most is how people think about making money.
Making Money When You Have No Money-5
People that make their business never start with money already rolling in. Everything to get that business started had to go through a process.

I know when things are stressful around you like, bills need to pay; you have to go to the doctor, just want to take a vacation, or helping a family member in need.

These things make you feel you have to make money fast. That’s where the hope of the Lottery comes from. However, some spend thousands for that lottery winning on a hope and a dream.

Don’t get me wrong. If you have that extreme luck, go for it. Yet, everybody doesn’t have that kind of luck.

You can make money with no money. You have to put the work in to get there. Seriously, work for yourself is no different from you work for an employer.

The easiest way, I learned is to make an online business for yourself. I will explain further.

Is There A Way To Make Money With No Money

Yes, there is! However, you can’t make anything with zero money. If you have a couple of dollars, yes, it is possible.

To be honest, I rather invest small first. Start investing small to see where it goes from there. As you get the knowledge, that will give me a better understanding of investing bigger.

Motivate yourself to do the impossible. Anything is possible to do when you start it and keep going with it.

Making Money When You Have No Money-6

Therefore, don’t look at it like having any money when you have just a bit of money. Is what you do with it that counts.

Yes, it can be stressful. However, a goal that you’re trying to reach is never easy. Don’t sabotage your thoughts by saying it’s hard. Just do it! You will never know if you can is don’t take that first step.

The money will come. You can’t rush the process of your wants of making money online. You have to learn the knowledge first, to make money the right way.

Where, right? One place I know for sure where you can learn the right way. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start to making money when you have no money. You can see how it works for free. I promise you will learn a lot. The best part you have some many people to get help from. Check out my review of them here. You won’t regret it.

Wealthy Affiliate understands what it means to be on a budget. Well, having no money to work with I should say. What do you have to lose but to gain a better life for yourself and your family? We all want a better way of living for ourselves. We just have to show an initiative that we want it. Do you want it?!?

If you have any questions or comments of what you’ve read. Please feel free to leave them below. We love to hear your feedback to help anyone to defeat the struggle.

Sick of Having No Money- What Can You Do About It

Being sick of having no money is a killer. How many of you feel like this? This is not a great feeling to have, although, it seems like more people than some understand this feeling. Sick of having no money-1Sick of having no money can stem from a few different things like:

  • Not Having a job
  • Having a Job and Bills taking all your Money
  • You can’t work for Whatever Reason
  • You may feel or have been told, you are Too Young or perhaps even Too Old to Work

People do not generally take into consideration the reasons why a person may be broke or financially challenged. They already assume why, which isn’t fair to you. I’ve learned you have to believe in yourself first before others believe in you. You have to show your strength and mindset that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Let’s go through the ways we are disappointed in having no money and what we can do about it.

Having No Money, Because of No Job

sick of having no money-2Have you ever asked someone for help and they asked you where’s your money? I wouldn’t have asked you if I had it. Shoot! I would’ve offered some money to you too.

I was in that situation more than I should’ve been not having no money because I wasn’t working. People can make you feel low and worthless because you don’t have a regular hourly wage job. Why is that? Is it because misery loves the company or they just don’t know what else to say?

I am also a person of taking a person’s words to heart. You will never know how your words affect people. This is one of the reasons why I blog. My words may help someone to be inspired to believe in themselves and encourage them to make a change for the better, even with or without a job.

Therefore, don’t fall into the negativity of others. Find people that show and give you positively to your ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Being around positive people, notice you feel more inspired to find ways out from being tired of having no money because you don’t have a job. That should not stop you. It didn’t stop me.

However, there are other ways of struggling not to have money when you need or want it.

I Have A Job And Still, I Am Always Broke

This was my story for about 4 years of my life. being of working with for a company, working about 50 to 80 hours a week. being of going out of town as well. Within the second year, I drove weekly out of town for about 8 months. My home started to look like no one lived there.

sick of having no money-3

With all those hours being of working were my financial obligations being paid off? No, I still was barely getting by, even though, being of working so many hours a week but it never showed on my paycheck.

Some try to 2 to 3 jobs-sometimes 4 jobs just to break even in bills. That is too much! Do you think that is too much to work that many jobs just to pay bills? There should be some time for yourself. You can’t if you have to work that hard just to pay the bills.

You Can’t Work For Whatever Reason

Being of stuck and can’t work when I injured my back, even though, people thought nothing was wrong with me to work.

Some can say some hurtful things like, “Get off your lazy ass and find a job!”

sick of having no money-4

What do you think I’ve been doing? How many are tired to be told you’re overqualified? Wouldn’t that mean I would do a better job than a person that doesn’t have the experience?

What if you have a sickness that stopped you from working, then what? Am I lazy still because of how the world looks at me because of my health?

Some people with disabilities are the hardest working people out there but some employers won’t give them a chance. It shouldn’t be like that because of the challenges they face every day. They can work like or even better than some workers.

When you give a young person a chance, you will see what they have to prove to themselves that they can do it. I know some young people that are willing to work and an employer will not give them a chance but Wealthy Affiliate will.

They do not discriminate against anyone. They truly do not discriminate based off of age, race, creed, color, sexuality or disability. I heard there was a 10-year-old little girl that made her own online business.

If they can teach a 10-year-old, I know they can teach anyone just as they are taught and still teaching me.

You Are Never Too Young To Have

A lot of adults don’t give young people enough credit. Yes, I know about the ones that don’t have a care in the world. We call those youngsters lazy, right. But that’s not all of them.

I know some young people with a clear head on their shoulders and are true leaders at heart. They just need the direction to grow as a leader.

Most young people are sick of having no money. Parents are not like they used to be. Some are a little harder or too lenient nowadays with their children.

Youngsters don’t take it as a bad thing. I am a parent and fuss like no other but I had to stop to see what my children were really facing every day in their world.

The world was beating my children up mentally, where they felt it physically. They were lashing out because of others’ opinions of them.

For a child that is crucial! A person’s opinion can even hurt adults. We say we don’t care but deep inside it has affected us in some type of way.

My young people, I do understand what you’re going through, even though, your parents might not. Don’t give up, you can believe in yourself to do anything you put your mind to. No matter what it may be, you just have to believe in yourself.

I’m Not Too Old To Work

I know that you are not too old and far from it. My mother has been dealing with this issue of being looked upon of her age, not her work ethic. Although, it may take her a little longer to learn something new than a young person. That doesn’t mean she will not get understand the task. 

sick of having no money-5

When she understands that new task, she will run circles around you. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with her :-).  However, some tasks she knows she can’t do in some particular jobs. That does not mean she’s too old. 

She just has to find the right job that fits her. Yet, those same jobs that are right for her were looking at her age. My mother and other elders are awesome. You can learn so much from them if you just listen. 

I really don’t want my mother to work if you asked me. I want her to have her own online business too. She is an awesome baker. I’m trying to get her to come around to selling her receipts online. 

She doesn’t think her baked goods are that good. They really are! Ok, I’m getting really hungry thinking about all those motherly made sweets. 

An elder’s work ethic has nothing to do with their age. Therefore, with our courageous and wisdom thinking elders, don’t let their image fool you. I know some elders in their 70s that can run circles around your work ethic easy. They get tired of having no money too.

All In All

Sick of having no money is becoming a disease for some because it is truly killing you to worry about money all the time.

I know, I’ve been there. It’s not fun or funny at all. Don’t let anyone bring you down because of your finances. That can be your husband, wife, significant other, or friends. Regardless of who they might be, still don’t let them bring you down.

That’s what I said, don’t let no one, I mean ANYONE gets in the way of your dreams. Misery always wants company and that includes you. You can’t allow that to happen. It’s your life! Take Control Of It!

If you have any questions or comment to learning not to be broke ever again. Please feel free to share and leave your replies below. We love to help anyone that truly wants the help to succeed.

It’s Called A University Because Of The Potential Wealthy Affiliate Brings Out Of You

Wealthy Affiliate is called a University. Why? It’s similar to being in school but Better.

I was not a very good student my college days. I never could get the hang of it. However, that didn’t stop my teacher from moving forward without me.

If you, were a great or a crummy student, this is the place for you. Where is a school where you can get 24/7 help when needed? I know when I was in college online, I had to wait for a 48 hours response. That’s too much time wasted when being stuck on one task.

That made me feel like they didn’t care. Did they care? Yes, some teachers truly do care, yet, they want to see the potential fight to learn from you. Not expecting the work to be done for you.

I know, I know. Do you want to go back to school? No, right. Wealthy Affiliate is a different type of schooling. I will explain further.

Is it Really like School?

Yes, it is something like school. You have tasks to follow, things to write or to make your ideas that you created come to fruition.

Wealthy Affiliate is called a University-1

The difference from a regular school is, you can make money before you graduate. 😉

Yes, I’ve had people join and make money within a month! I thought that was crazy but it’s not. It can happen even with you. Just like being in school to get an A-plus on a paper. You have to learn what is being taught. You have to study to understand it fully.

Therefore, when it is time for a test or a discussion, you’re on your game of knowing the knowledge. That’s the same goal with Wealthy Affiliate.

I know you’re wondering what do they teach. Let’s move on to what they teach you and it is all in one area.

What Are They Teaching At WA

Well, where do I start? Let’s start with your passion. What are you passionate about?
Wealthy Affiliate is Called an University-2

Whatever you are passionate about, they show you how to make money with your passion. Who wouldn’t want to do what they love and get paid for it? I know I do!

OK, I’m getting excited. Let me calm down and finish telling you about Wealthy Affiliate.

They show you how to build your passion into your own website, which takes minutes to build. Also, they show you step by step how to configure your website into a profitable business.

They show you so many ways to do it. It’s all up to you what you choose. Nobody is pushing you into anything you don’t want to do.

On top of that, they have a community of 1.3 million members or teachers or cheerleaders to help you through the process. If you, press this link, I can be your mentor too. To make sure you stay on track with everything.

Where else can you do that? You can’t find that much support from your job. All they care about, are you coming to work or not.

Are you more than that?

Is it Good For Me to Try?

Yes, it is. In my opinion, from seeing other ways out there to make money online it is a bit expensive if you ask me.

What you learn at Wealthy Affiliate, you have to invest in thousands of dollars from another place. Also, where can you find a place where you can check it out for free.

Not everyone out there is a scam, however, you have to pay a lump sum before trying it out. If you have money like that. I would rather invest small before thinking of investing big first but that is just my opinion of course.

How small? I will explain further. Read on.

OK, How Much Does It Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate is called an University-3

I did say small, right. This is how small. They have two members to choose from a Starter and Premium Member.

OK, a starter member is free. Right! Free. Where do they do that at? At Wealthy Affiliate. If you, like what you see, hold on.

No, don’t think you are going to hear, ” It’s only $99!”

Nope, it is less than that all together. I thought they were crazy. They let you be a Premium member for $19 for the first 30 days. To make my own free website, with my own words?

This is the thing after the first 30 days, you have 3 choices:

  • Stay a Starter Member
  • Be a monthly Premium Member
  • Be an annual Premium Member

Going back to Starter Member from being a Premium Member; there are restrictions. Don’t think that’s a bad thing, Wealthy Affiliate makes sure you are truly there to succeed. Actually, everyone there is. That’s what makes it so special, the community. It is such a positive place to be in. Seriously.

From the learning that you do, you also create some of the best friendships with people across distant waters. That’s the best part I love. But I thought this place is too good to be true.

I thought there was a catch. Was there a catch?

Is There a Catch To All This?Wealthy Affiliate is called an University-4

Well, the catch is that there is a lot of things to learn if you don’t know about the online world. But how would you know anything if you don’t learn it first?
I know you may look at the price of being a Premium member. Check out my review of what you get as a Premium.

If you, have to check out other places, you would see that’s a steal. Just for the community alone. This University is where it’s at. I wish I knew about Wealthy Affiliate before I went to college. I would have saved so much money.

The process is what you make it. Not like college and having to wait for the job after two years. You will see your profit as you learn.

If you, have any questions about anything, truly anything. Please don’t hesitate to leave them below. Even if you like what you’ve read, we love to hear your feedback.

How to Take the First Step – To Your Own Online Business

Have you ever thought about how take the first steps to having your own business? Some may think,”I cannot do that,” or ”It’s too hard.”

How do you know that, if you never tried? I hear a lot of people including my own family wanting to have that financial freedom that seems so far away.

Do you know that it takes work and time on your part? That goes to say for any employer that you work for, yet this is yours.

I will explain to you and my family how easy it can be. It’s all about how you take the first step.

Continue reading “How to Take the First Step – To Your Own Online Business”

Is That You – Financially Struggling

Are you financially struggling with bills, while still having a job? I understand what you’re going through. It’s not a good feeling to be working for nothing. Stressed financially struggling

I used to be homeless with a job. Financially struggling is something some people go through to think that is a way of life.

Some people are working so hard to just pay bills and nothing else. Although you work as hard as you do for that paycheck, it never seems to amount to the hard work you do.

Do you feel overworked? Is your job or jobs running your body in the hole; is it worth it?

All the money I was putting in going to work for someone else.

I could’ve put that energy into something for myself. You don’t have to be financially struggling at all. You can learn the right way to get out of it.

I will show how I was financially struggling and still couldn’t pay all my bills. Then, show you how financially struggling can be defeated. Continue reading “Is That You – Financially Struggling”

I Want to Sell Crochet Online – How Can I With the Advice From the Web?

Do you have a craft like crocheting that you are crazy about and want to show off to the world? Yet, when searching the web you are given just the general concepts to sell crochet online.I want to sell Crochet Online

What if you have all the tips down and still don’t know where to start? Some people may want to sell locally, which is great. But – what about those that want to sell online first?

That’s how my best friend(her name is Vickie) feels about her unique craft of crochet. She understands the general idea of the ‘tips and tricks’ the internet gives to sell crochet online.

Vickie wanted to show her craft with essence, where her creativity came from. She doesn’t want to start giving her craft to other businesses to sell for her.

I will show you where to get the best training to sell crochet online. The best place possible to do this is Wealthy Affiliate.

I will elaborate on all the tips Vickie went through to understand why she felt lost. Then, show you where those tips can be done in one place to flourish into a great online business. Continue reading “I Want to Sell Crochet Online – How Can I With the Advice From the Web?”

Can We Stop Homelessness – Even While Having a Full-Time Job

Can we stop homelessness while having a job?

Homelessness is not just people that you see lying on the streets or begging for food. Someone can be homeless that works at your job that you see every day. Not knowing what people’s situations are; there are so many aspects of homelessness. dealing with homelessness while working

People with jobs are becoming those that are becoming more homeless nowadays. Yet, not to the point where you can see them out in the open.

Some people have too much pride for that, I did.

I was homeless several times, with having a full-time job. Homelessness is and was a hard thing to deal with.

However, my first homeless situation being an adult, started my homelessness saga that seemed to show its ugly head several more times after. We will get to that later.

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball that you least would expect. Some people plan for that, as another lives paycheck to paycheck.

As you read this article, hopefully; I will be preventing someone from making the same mistakes I did. Do not think it cannot happen to you. I thought it wouldn’t happen to me.

Everything in Life is going Well Until…

Afterward, we finished unpacking the last box from the moving truck in our new place. It was so much better from going well in new home before homelessness came abruptwhere we were moving from; more house room; the kids would have a room each to themselves, and all the yard space you can ask for.

We loved it. The kids loved the area and the neighbors were so friendly. We never wanted to leave our new home.

During the enjoyment of our new home, we thought the kids would enjoy having a puppy to play in their big backyard. Thus, we felt like the perfect little family, just loving our new home.

As time went on, life was great until the finance company went under new management. We received a letter in the mail who they were and they would be taking over the payments.

We didn’t think anything of it and paid our payment as arranged by the previous owner, which seemed like it did not change.

Actually, nothing was said or changed about anything, therefore; we thought everything was okay.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was in the room playing fetch with the dog down the hall. All at once, a strong knock was at the door. I opened the door it was a police officer with a paper in his hand.

He asked me ma woman confused of eviction of become homelessy name to confirm that it was me. Then he handed me a paper and simply walked away. The stated that we owed $$$$ and by it had to be paid by that coming Monday or we would be evicted. 

We did not have that kind of money just lying around. On top of that, we did not understand where the amount comes from.

With confusion, we went to the financing office to try to understand where this came from. Oh yeah, they explained all right.

They informed us when they took over they had to adjust fees that accumulated over time. I wonder how is that fair. There were no letters sent out but you just took my recent payment 5 days ago.

All they could say was that they were sorry and that the payment had to be in full or we would have to leave. We left there devastated, of not knowing where we were going to live.

Tried To Get Help From Family and From Anywhere…

trying to get help dealing with homelessness

We are trying to figure out anything and everything to get out this situation. Yet, we never thought to get a loan and had good credit back then.

Meanwhile, we still had to go work. With our pride, we never told our jobs what was going on. Still, not knowing what to do; we went through each passing day with the struggle to just come up with something even if it was a box.

By that Monday, I went to work like it was a regular working day. So focused on my job I forgot about the situation that was going on back home. Soon after, I was called to the office phone.

They were starting to evict my stuff as we speak. I left my job immediately to get home to chaos. To watch six men that you don’t know from a can of paint throwing your stuff out. I could not control my emotions of anger.

Immediately, I saw my children faces. I had no other choice, but to be strong for them and my spouse.

Both sides of our family started to come out of nowhere seemingly to give a helping hand.

They helped by storing most of our thing at their houses, therefore; we would not have to spend so much on storage space. I thought that was very thoughtful.

So we made the decision, as we look for another place the kids will stay with our parents as we find somewhere to stay. We didn’t want to become a burden to no one.

Their homes were overfilled with our belongings and our children. We didn’t want to add ourselves to bust the seams.

Finding a place was not as easy as we hoped for. In the process, we tried to stay with other families to lighten the load off our parents. That did not last long. Eventually, our alternative was to sleep in our car.

We got tired of our family members making us feel less than perfect because my family was struggling with homelessness. We couldn’t take the judgment any longer.

Thus, we were living out of our car, with our children living with our parents.

When You Say Enough, is Enough, Believing In Myself to Get Out of Homelessness

feeling defeated by by homelessnessLiving in a car will make react one of two ways, give up or believe in yourself that you will get out. I felt I was at my lowest. I had no choice but to go up.

You really don’t have time for yourself because you live in your car. So I took the night to write before I closed my eyes. I wrote,

“I had enough of being homeless. I am working yet I live in my car. I can live better than this and believe in myself to get out of this situation.”

I wrote this repeatedly until I didn’t see anything else.

Although, I was still homeless thing started to look up. I got a promotion at my job. I didn’t see my homelessness as a struggle yet as a test of how strong I could be.

Then the worst thing could ever happen, happened. My parents’ house burned down. All the things that I stored there were gone. I almost lost some of my family too.

Furthermore, my parents were homeless at this point. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening to my family within a short time frame.

I knew I had to do something, but what.

My parents had the support of the Red Cross. I was still homeless. I could not take my focus off of what I had to do for my family living in the car.

This made me try harder to get on a path to finding a home for my family.

Where We Live – It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

As I was moving up in the company I was working for, they never knew I was homeless. I didn’t speak of my struggles to anyone. I felt it was embarrassing to be homeless and have a job.

My boss started to notice my actions around the office. He wondered why I never interact with anyone, although, I was very kind when spoken to me. My boss was very observant. He called me into the office to have a chat.

He wanted to know what was going on with me because I seemed to have the world on my shoulders. As I felt that I did but tried to hide behind my smile.

How many of you hide your struggles behind your smile?

Fighting back the tears, I explained what I was going through in full detail. With a shock, he could not believe what he heard. As the tears started to fall, I began to let out all my stress to him.

My boss was heartbroken to know that one of his employees was dealing with such a struggle but with the power to move forward. We talked for about an hour. My boss felt in his mind that he had to do something.

I went on my day feeling a little better than I talked to someone and they understood but didn’t make me feel helpless.

Within a months time, my boss helped me find a home for my family. He didn’t have to do that. He told me to never to hide my problems. You never know who can help you. I was using the ‘assistance’ that was given to me.

The last thing he told me that I will never forget.

“Chrisie, it’s not what you know is who you know. If the right people know what you are going through, they can help.”

In Conclusion

In the end, homelessness is a hard pill to swallow. Yet, some of us are going thru it every day, living on the edge from paycheck to paycheck.

It only takes you a moment to change your life to you becoming homeless. Can we stop homelessness, even while having a full-time job? No, you can not.

Life can hit you with some curve balls that you didn’t expect to happen. So you do have to roll with the punches. Yet, that does not have to stop you from getting back on your feet.

I hope this read can help you in some way. Feel free to leave your comments or questions below. Tell us your story of homelessness that you conquered or maybe still going through. We are here to help.

A Day in the Life of Investing in My Precious 9 to 5 job – Best Ways to Invest in Yourself

Some people may not know what investing in anything is truly about, at first; I didn’t either.

Every time I heard the word ‘invest’, the thought that came to mind was of; stocks and bonds, a home, or in my future. Yet, I have been investing since I began working at the age of 16. 

Invest in a word that is thrown around a lot but really not explained clearly. That is why some people don’t know what to do when they are approached with the word invest.

Like investing in a home. When people invest in a home; that investment is for 5 to 20 years. That is why I rent. That scares me to invest in something that long!

One of my mentors gave me a different perspective of looking at investing. He asked a question of me, as I want to ask of you:

Do you know you invest in your 9 to 5 jobs every day? I thought about what I invested in my previous job. Another question my mentor asked:

Do any of those investments contribute to anything I do? I thought I had a good answer, but, we will get to that later. However, some people have great answers to why they work where they work.

Being upset knowing what you investing inMy mentor wasn’t downing my job at all. As I am not, at means, doing to you. I needed my job as that was the source of everything. I understand you need to do the same thing.

Wanting you to see a bigger picture of what you can accomplish if you invest in yourself too. I never thought of investing in myself or really knew what that meant.

I will show you the best ways to invest in yourself. Yes, yourself!

Have you ever thought about it? I will explain in more detail what it means to invest in yourself and the best ways of going about it. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of Investing in My Precious 9 to 5 job – Best Ways to Invest in Yourself”