How to Take the First Step – To Your Own Online Business

Have you ever thought about how take the first steps to having your own business? Some may think,”I cannot do that,” or ”It’s too hard.”

How do you know that, if you never tried? I hear a lot of people including my own family wanting to have that financial freedom that seems so far away.

Do you know that it takes work and time on your part? That goes to say for any employer that you work for, yet this is yours.

I will explain to you and my family how easy it can be. It’s all about how you take the first step.

How to Take the First Step in Believing in Yourself

How to Take the First Step - To Your Own Online Business

I know that it may seem like a foolish thing because you already believe in yourself. I see some, including my family who believe more in their job or a person more than they believe in themselves.

Some may even say,”I can’t do that.” Why?

Are you scared of failing or succeeding?

Most people that have that feeling, feel that they can’t believe in themselves or are in fear of either of the two. Although, you may say you can’t do that. You already have every day of your life.

For instance:

Let’s go back to your childhood when was the first time you wanted to ride a bicycle. You had never ridden a bike before but you had to learn how to ride a bike. It was a must to you.

How to Take the First Step - To Your Own Online Business-2

Finally, you have your very own bicycle that you have to learn how to ride in your own way. Of course, you go through training with an experienced adult (A parent) right by your side.

Not to mention, the training wheels to help you to keep the level in different ways. Then, something happens. You started to believe in yourself.

Before you knew it, the training wheels came off! Yet, you still had that parent for guidance for a while.

The moment they let go you fall and get a bruise. Did you give up? If you were like me, kinda at first. The joy of thinking nothing was going to happen, went all down the drain with that bruise.

If you had people around like me, they encourage you to get back on that bicycle. For some reason, they knew you could do it. All of the sudden, you began to feel that confidence again, that you could do it too. You go on the struggle to conquer to ride that bike to the best of your ability, regardless, if you get another bruise.

All of a sudden, you hear,”I think my baby got it!” You notice you are riding your bike by yourself. Look at you, believing in yourself and defeating the training and lessons of bicycling.

How to Take the First Step - To Your Own Online Business-3

You do this with anything in your life. You just have to understand, when you fall you have to get back up. Learning how to take the first step in believing in yourself starts young. When did it stop, when you got older? It takes that same feeling and confidence to build your very own website.

You can see here from my experience.

First, believing in yourself that you can do it. The bumps and bruises come with the training and lessons, you can’t give up on yourself.

Training to Learn the Online World of Affiliate Marketing

OK, don’t get scared. It’s not as bad as you think. The bumps and bruises, I consider to be the training and lessons you have to learn.

You can not give up. Did you give up on that bicycle, that gave you a bruise? No.

I know a great place to get that training, right here. There’s such an abundance of training and lessons to choose from. Take your pick.

This place is called Wealthy Affiliate. Just like that experienced adult and training wheels, you have over 1.6 million people to help you every step of the way.

Did you learn how to ride a bike in one day or did it take a little time? It took some time to learn. The same goes when you build your website. You can’t rush the process.

Don’t be In a Rush to Watch a Pot of Water Boil! How to Take the First Step - To Your Own Online Business-4

Have you ever heard the saying,

”You can’t watch a pot of water boil.”

Have you ever tried to watch a pot while it’s trying to boil? It never happens.

You couldn’t rush to ride a bike. You would’ve hurt yourself. Similar, to building your own website.

Rushing to build a website, will only end in a disaster. The web has come to believe people can make $$$$ within days and never say how long it will take to do that. That’s the catch!

It takes work and patience to build your website. Therefore, it takes more than typing a few words on your computer for your business to succeed.

It Takes More Than Typing a Few Things to Build a Website

Yup, it is more being in the front of the computer for a moment to have a legit online business.

If you work a full-time job and start lacking in your work. Does your paycheck reflect your work performance?

The same goes for having your own website. You cannot lack in the training and lessons to think you will see revenue quickly.

Nothing Works that Way, Nothing!

Hold on, though, I’m not picking on you or my family. I just don’t want you to be fooled by those ‘get rich quick’ scams out there.

It takes more than typing a few things on a computer to build a website and see revenue like they show online. However, it is easy when you learn the right way from Wealthy Affiliate.

Learning the right way and putting in the effort, you will see the fruits of your labor.

The Fruit of Your Labor

All the work you put into building your very own website, you will see the fruits of your labor in no time.

How to Take the First Step - To Your Own Online Business-5

It seems to always come unexpectedly because you are doing what you are supposed to do. Instead of watching the pot(website) of water to boil(making money).

You allowed yourself to believe in your work. That’s when you will see the money coming in because you didn’t give up.

You have do not rush the training or the lessons. You took the bumps and bruises to get back on that bicycle no matter what. That’s how to take the first step in your very own online business.

I hope that you and my family can understand where I am coming from. If you like this article or have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I love helping you in taking that first step.

6 thoughts on “How to Take the First Step – To Your Own Online Business

  1. I like your about me page it is engaging from the beginning especially as you start off by talking about your homelessness.

    Your about me link on the home page states “Adout Me.”The third paragraph has an indented line “About me feeling defeated and depressed” I am not sure if you meant to indent that line or if it should be bolded (this could be an issue with my computer, I’m viewing in a private browser). Also, I think a picture of yourself on your about me page would seal the deal as far as building credibility.

    I think that sharing your pain will uplift many people. Keep it up. Overall, great job.

    1. Hey Julian, 

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I will definitely get those errors fixed quickly. I am truly glad you enjoyed the read. I know some may not be comfortable talking about those things. I want to let them know, that someone does understand and I can help. 

      Thanks for your positive words 🙂


  2. Hey Chrisie,

    Thanks for the post, an enjoyable read and a reminder to me, like many, that the process of building an effective and profitable online business is a long one and not as easy as it sounds. do you have any tips to help motivation when you feel like you are failing or thinking of giving up?



    1. Hey Mike, 

      Yes, I do have a few tips when that moment comes of wanting to give up. It is hard because your mindset will automatically go into defense mode, which sometimes isn’t a good thing. You can not let it happen. One thing I start with is keeping everything around positive as possible. That may be difficult with some situations. That why I love my imagination. 

      I sometimes sit alone to meditate for a while everything around is going crazy. When I do this I take myself out the situation like a friend would when looking in at the problems. That way I can see myself of what I need to change or calm down. Most of time, it’s not as bad as your mindset make it seem. 

      The main problem I see when people give up is, they allow everything to pile up all at once. And every time they try to tackle that issue or issues all together is completely overwhelming. That’s what I was doing. You have to take one thing at a time but still have to move forward. 

  3. Hey Chrisie:

    Starting is the thing, isn’t it? It’s the hardest, that first step. But the second step comes easier and the next one gets easier still.

    It also helps to remember that the journey is made up of many, many little steps and it does take a bunch of time. The thing is, you do get to see a lot and learn a lot more.

    Thanks for your very inspiring post.

    1. Hey 🙂

      You are very welcome. That’s right, it is the hardest to take that first step. Just like anything in life, if you make it repetitious, it will become easier. Similar to driving, some always look at the beginning of the storm and stop. My father always told me to keep moving forward because the storm never last always 🙂  

      Sometimes I have to remember those little steps do matter, even though, I don’t see the results at first. Before you know it, the big picture shines through. 

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