I Want to Sell Crochet Online – How Can I With the Advice From the Web?

Do you have a craft like crocheting that you are crazy about and want to show off to the world? Yet, when searching the web you are given just the general concepts to sell crochet online.I want to sell Crochet Online

What if you have all the tips down and still don’t know where to start? Some people may want to sell locally, which is great. But – what about those that want to sell online first?

That’s how my best friend(her name is Vickie) feels about her unique craft of crochet. She understands the general idea of the ‘tips and tricks’ the internet gives to sell crochet online.

Vickie wanted to show her craft with essence, where her creativity came from. She doesn’t want to start giving her craft to other businesses to sell for her.

I will show you where to get the best training to sell crochet online. The best place possible to do this is Wealthy Affiliate.

I will elaborate on all the tips Vickie went through to understand why she felt lost. Then, show you where those tips can be done in one place to flourish into a great online business.

You Know What You Want to Sell – That’s Your Niche!

Now you have all these beautiful patterns of designs of something you made with your own hands; surrounding you with the love of your craft grows. You have a thought to sell some of them.

Each piece you choose has a character in every little pattern. I know some people are very close to what they make by hand.

Of course, Vickie felt the same way and made her choice. She knew which crochet items she wanted to sell. I want to sell Crochet Online

The thing is, knowing what to sell is half the battle. That is what you call a niche. A niche can be anything like; selling crochet online. Yet, some don’t know how to go about it.

A niche is something that you are passionate about. Those crochet items Vickie picked had a reason behind them to be chosen. That’s the essence of your craft. Everyone is different; although, they are passionate about the same thing.

Victoria went on with the tips she researched, the thought of rolling in cash after achieving all the tips.

Shipping & Packaging Your Crochet

Shipping and packing your crochet is of your investments to selling crochet online.

Vickie really didn’t understand what that meant. She knew she wanted to present her craft with a look of her own. She had thoughts of pretty ribbons and bows. However, it’s more than that.

First, shipping a product yourself is a lot of work. Especially, if you don’t know truly what you are doing or your product becomes a vast need.

Vickie really didn’t want to ship her products on her own. Soon after she noticed in her research to ship products that there is a cost any way you put it.

Secondly, packaging your crochet is a cost as well. Packaging your crochet is more like a brand.

Buying a particular yarn, for instance. The paper that is wrapping around that yarn. That is the packaging that shows the brand that represents the maker.

Vickie began to feel a little overwhelmed with these tips. She really didn’t know where or who to trust to invest in shipping and packaging.

Furthermore, with the tips, it didn’t explain that this step is an investment in you selling crochet online. Instead of just saying they have a percentage to use them to ship and package your products.

Being determined, Vickie went on to the next tip to selling crochet online. She will come back to shipping and packaging when she has a budget to do so.

Learning to Make Photos on Your Own, Can be Hard

This tip, Vickie was excited to learn to take photos without having an artistic background. Despite this fact, she had no clue how to do it online.

Learning to make a photo online can be easier, as it is harder for others. For Vickie, however, it was quite difficult.

Making a selfie is similar to taking photos of your product. Yet, applying photos to selling crochet online is different.

Online photos are called images too. Images have specific sizes to them. If you try to make a smaller picture bigger it will come out blurry or vise-verse.

Vickie was on the point of pulling her hair out just to make her photos perfect. These tips didn’t seem as easy as she thought to do on her own.

Your Crochet Essence Needs to Be Heard

Vickie feels like others; what she makes is pertinent to her but how would people know.

This is where Vickie needs a website. A site that would give her the platform that she needs to show her essence of the way she crochets. I want to sell Crochet Online

Building a website is your foundation for giving authority to your craft. It gives people a chance to see in your eyes of crochet(niche).

People start with patterns like riding a bike with training wheels. After getting accustomed to a pattern now you want to take the training wheels off to ride the bike the way you feel.

That is where your unique pattern comes into play. We all start out the same in some way but make our own unique way of patterning.

That happens to be your signature style to crochet. Nobody style is ever the same!

Over 10,000 Members to Help You With Your Website

When Vickie noticed the process of all the tips that you have to establish an investment she wasn’t expecting to do.

Don’t give up Vickie and neither should you!

These tips are great but if you have no clue to understand how to go about. You quit before you even start.

That is how Vickie felt or maybe you are feeling the same right now. I pointed Vickie to a place where she can learn all those tips in one spot.

That’s Wealthy Affiliate!

This is what I showed Vickie from the tips she learned, that it is all in here in WA.

  • Knowing what to sell: that is your niche. WA will show you how to build your business into a website; with all the training you need and want.
  • Shipping & Packaging: WA will train you in the best way possible to configure your brand. Your brand is the packaging of your crochet. Shipping is an investment, where WA will show you the best place to invest in.
  • The Pertinence of your Crochet: this is where your website comes into play. Your website will show the importance of your craft for crocheting. It can be filled with your essence in your own words of how you came to your craft.
  • Making Photos/Images: WA can show the place to make photos/images pop. They will show how to capture the best aspects of your crochet. It’s easy when you are taught the right way.
  • Learning Pricing & Copyrighting Laws: These can scare you or get you in big trouble if you don’t know to collaborate them properly. Pricing is your affiliate marketing yourself. WA will give you a better understanding of pricing your crochet, even if you want someone to do it for you. Copyright Laws is when someone has a name for something to not be sold without them. The laws come to protect them and even you. WA will allow you to copyright your website that they will protect.

Vickie could have saved some time by going through Wealthy Affiliate. The tips are not hard at all with the right training.

You won’t be alone at all if you ever get stuck on building your business. WA has over 10,000 members to help you to build a website to sell crochet online.

Wealthy Affiliate will Give You All the Training You Need

Given these tips you see on the web, however, they really don’t give you a place to start and give you the training that you need to have a profitable business.

Whereas you can learn the tips in one place. Wealthy Affiliate is the community Vickie needs to get started on her journey to selling crochet online.

The best part about WA is that it is free to join the community. Vickie was worried about her budget. Now she can focus in one place on selling crochet online with the support of the community of Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you have a craft like crocheting that you want to show the world?
Please leave your comments and questions below. I love hearing your feedback.

2 thoughts on “I Want to Sell Crochet Online – How Can I With the Advice From the Web?

  1. I think Vickie and people like her should definitely take heed to your advice. WA is a great tool/community where many have started a successful business, especially if they already know what product they want to sell. I have a friend that makes decent money off of sell music through his site. He learned everything he needed to know through WA.

    1. It is taking Vickie some time to come around with my advice. Slowly but surely she is coming around to having her own business with her craft. 

      Some just don’t have the confidence to do so. I can understand that. It does take some time to get the courage to take that first step to move forward in that direction.

      I hope that Vickie and others know I will be there, every step of the way to encourage and help them up when there are down. I know new things are not easy but it is a great accomplishment when you achieve that new goal. 

      I will let Vickie that she really needs to take heed to my advice 😉


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