Is That You – Financially Struggling

Are you financially struggling with bills, while still having a job? I understand what you’re going through. It’s not a good feeling to be working for nothing. Stressed financially struggling

I used to be homeless with a job. Financially struggling is something some people go through to think that is a way of life.

Some people are working so hard to just pay bills and nothing else. Although you work as hard as you do for that paycheck, it never seems to amount to the hard work you do.

Do you feel overworked? Is your job or jobs running your body in the hole; is it worth it?

All the money I was putting in going to work for someone else.

I could’ve put that energy into something for myself. You don’t have to be financially struggling at all. You can learn the right way to get out of it.

I will show how I was financially struggling and still couldn’t pay all my bills. Then, show you how financially struggling can be defeated.

Are you Financially Struggling with Bills

financially struggling is like chain around your neck

Are you financially struggling with bills hanging over your shoulders like a weight, like I was? 

Financially struggling is a stressful and depressing situation to be in. More people are going through this nowadays than they should.

Living paycheck to paycheck takes only one bill to set all other bills all out of whack like an illness.

Now, you begin to fall behind in your bills. This is what I was going through.

As much as I tried to work all the hours of 6 days in a work week. It never amounted to the increasing climb of bills.

I know how you feel to give a job all your time and energy with really nothing to show for with the paycheck they give you.

Is It Worth Working 2 to 3 Jobs to Make ‘Ends Meet’

Working 40 plus hours is a lot of hours to give to a company.

Although, you’re not even dating that company! Hence, a job is like a relationship.

Is that job worth having YOU though? 

I had to work two jobs just to make even with my bills. It was putting such a strain on my body and me working out regularly didn’t help.

Yet, being strong, it still took a toll on my body.

Do you work that hard and still don’t have time to rest? 

Being restless, I never had time for my family. All I wanted to do was rest my body. Although, I truly missed being with my family; they knew I had to work. My family understood that but it still hurt them.

Some of you don’t have an understanding family to support you or don’t see you that you have to work hard for long hours, with low pay just to pay bills. I began to realize, my job really didn’t see me as a loyal employee. Instead, they saw me as just a body to fill a void.

Is it Worth Working a Job that Doesn’t Support You

I really didn’t want to believe my job didn’t have my back or support. thinking of your of your job when financially struggling

I gave them 5 years of my life. It may not be long but it was long to me. I started to wonder if anything ever happened to me, how would the company treat me. Have you ever thought about that?

They always say they have your best interest at heart. Until something happens to you. That company may help at first until they choose not to help you anymore.

What if something serious happens, which cannot be fixed right away?

I’ve watched this occur within the company I used to work for.

Our leader office manager was working for this company before I started. Thus, she had several years under her belt. In the midst of her having primary income, her husband was very sick with cancer as he was on her insurance and his health slowly declining.

Within a year of me being with the company, they made a decision with no employees’ acknowledgment, to let some people go that were greatly needed.

Later as those who were going to be unemployed last days approached, we found out it was more to the story of why they were being laid-off.

The company, however, was losing money because of bad investment decisions. To save their pockets they let go some employees, regardless if they kept the company afloat, to save themselves.

Some employees were there since the beginning. Those same people help build the company to what they were.

I was devastated! I took their loss like, it was me they were letting go.

The office manager I spoke of, she was with the company since the first day they opened their doors. After 48/hours of her last day working, they completely cut off her insurance to aid her husband. He was supposed to have a massive surgery the next day. The didn’t care or want to pay for it.

Isn’t that heartless for a company to take your investment (time)? Then throw you away when they are done with you. It isn’t fair but companies can and will do that.

Financially struggling-4

That company opened my eyes to what some companies would do with your loyalty. When I found out her husband passed away. We had a long conversation about the loyalty of a job.

I will never forget the last thing she told me to never do and I’ll tell you what she told me.

“Your job is not worth more than your family or your home. Don’t believe that a company will be there for you because they give that paycheck every week. You can believe in yourself to do anything you want to do. Your job is not worth taking the happiness away from your home to make a dollar.”

Her words always stay with me everywhere I go. I had to find a way to stop the cycle of me financially struggling.

Financially Struggling Can be Defeated

Yes, the financial struggle can be defeated. A lot of people think you have to have a lot of money first to do so, which isn’t true.

To stop Financially struggling, success go get it

There are many businesses or just a person that started a business with no money. Yet, they defeated the struggle over being unstable financially.

What changed everything, was how they thought. What do I mean?

It’s all about your mindset. You have to change the way you think first.

I know that may sound crazy but it is true.

If you think you will always be financially struggling; that will be your mindset.

Thus, your mind won’t find solutions, instead, your mind will settle into financially struggling and will never change.

When changing your mindset, your mind will open up to solutions to get you out of that bind.

In whatever way that might be to find a solution, your mind would be open to all possibilities. Instead, of thinking life is about financially struggling.

As You Can See

Consequently, financially struggling while working is something we go through more ways than oneAlthough, you may feel giving that job all your time and effort. Do they truly show how much you are an asset to the company?

Are you just a body to fill the void of employment? You do have to ask yourself these questions of the company you work for.

There are ways to overcome financially struggling without working 40 plus hours for someone else. You can put the same effort within yourself.

From this article, I wanted you to realize financially struggling you can change; before it’s one paycheck away from being too late.

Tell me your story of financially struggling. Did you defeat it or not?

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2 thoughts on “Is That You – Financially Struggling

  1. Hey Chrisie, I really liked reading your post. there is a lot of truth in it. What I find super interesting is what you say in the last bit. It’s all in your head. Which is first very hard to understand, but actually super obvious. have you ever heard about the law of attraction? It basically says the same thing. That it is all up in your head and when you think about it every day your subconsciousness will start to think about it without you noticing it and will bring you solutions from nowhere. 🙂 You still have to act on them though 😉

    1. Hey Aaron 🙂

      I am so glad you enjoyed the reading. Yes, I know all about Law of Attraction and I love it too 😉 One of my favorite speakers is Abraham Hicks. You can find her on YouTube. To some, she may be a little bit out there, however, she is awesome. 

      I’ve noticed that some really don’t give their subconscious a second thought or think that it doesn’t exist. Yet, it truly does exist. 

      For instance, like watching a scary movie. That part that made you jump out your seat or scream gave you a reaction of fear, right? That acknowledges your subconscious that you would  be scared in physical reality. Although, you know it is not real. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference. 

      Therefore, if you came to a similar scenario, your mind wouldn’t know the difference at that moment. Yet, you are scared! It’s all in your head; a thought. The best part about your subscious,is that, it can be used it different ways to benefit you. 

      You are right. You have to react to the good thought you make in your head. Some don’t even get that far, by putting a negative of, “I can’t”. 

      That’s what I want others to realize. You can do anything. It’s all in how you configure your thoughts in a positive way. I have my struggles now and then. I guess, we all do. We just can’t stay there, that’s all 🙂

      Thanks again for enjoying the read.


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