Losing Money Online – Has it Happened to You

Losing Money Online

Losing money online is one of the worse things to go through. Sometimes it happens because you see something new online and didn’t check everything out thoroughly first, or it sounds too good to be true? I know some websites seem so good. Yet, there are no good intentions once you joined that website. Is all that money(investment) worth it after you check them out thoroughly?

Reading this article may give you a better perspective of what to look for to invest your money in because you always have to invest in something, right?

Do you know you invest in your 9 to 5 job? That’s another topic for another day.

Seriously, some people that are out there nowadays are not going to give up the true information you need on how to make money that easily. Even when, you give them your money!

I will explain how and why losing money can happen to anyone, even the best of us. Taking you through my experience will give you some insight into things to look for, thus showing you how you are losing money online.

Hopefully, I may prevent you from making the same mistakes I did...

Before Losing Money Online – Doing your Research on That Website, is KEY

Before losing Money do your research

You have been searching online, finding ways to make extra money, right? You are clicking away with caution because you know a little about the scams out there on the internet. Yet, not as good as you need to be.

 This is a website that I found that was helpful to me in finding out if a website is legit or not.

It’s called Scamadviser.com

Like I said, I did not know about this website at the time of me trying desperately to join this particular website.

Meanwhile, looking at everything that this website was offering me seemed great. I was trying to find where to sign up, right then and there! I was so gung-ho about all the ‘kick and whistles’ that I was going to have. Making $$$ within weeks! I was ready.

That’s was the tricky part…

Going through the process was too easy. Everything was a guarantee. Everything?!?

I thought I found the jackpot on my first try! All I had to do was send them $$$ to get these easy steps that would make me this guaranteed amount of money. Are you starting to see the picture? Are the bells of scam alert starting to ring? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I was so excited but for nothing! Absolutely nothing!

They sent me information, alright. The information that looks nothing like the information on the screen or the information they said I was going to get. Just one big loophole that sounds like a broken record.

I was furious once realize that I was being scammed!

At this point, I tried everything I could to get my money back. Sadly, my money was gone. I felt so lost and hesitant that I would be able to trust the internet the same again.

Yet, I was still left with the issue of finding a way to make extra money.

Losing Money Online can Happen to You

Losing Money Online, Sitting In Front Of A Laptop

How was I going to make money now? I am a person that, ‘if you burn me once, I will not allow you to burn me again’.

Hence the reason as to why a lot of people won’t take the risk of trying to make money online.

Yet, I KNOW it can be done.

I never thought losing money online would get me. It can happen to anyone. You have to be cautious about everything.

Do your research First!!! I can’t stress that enough.

One way is to STOP and THINK, does it seem too good to be true? Most of the time, this is what you are going to find.

Being that you may be like me and you don’t have that type of money to be giving away to scammers online. You work too hard to get just that little bit of money you have. That is why some websites will flatter you with a lot of stuff with nothing to show for at the end.

Don’t get Caught-Up on ‘Kicks and Whistles’

I know you have seen these ads several times a day of how to make money so quickly. But it comes with a price if you want to make money that quick. Do you know that?

The scary part is, you may not make any money at all. Why give into the ‘smokes and mirrors’? I know why because it got me too.

It looks so Good! Yet, too good to be true.

Focus not losing money online

Look at it like this: You give your money(investment) to that website, however; what do you get in return?

That question should be the main question you ask first. Your money is your investment, not theirs.

Being you may can’t make that decision when investing into that website. Don’t do it! If that website is confident enough, they would allow you to just tour the website at no charge to you.

A confident website won’t allow you to invest first. They would give you the chance to see for yourself what they can do for you to decide if you want to invest in them.

Nowadays we are getting it the other way around. In a sense, can you blame them?

Being you may have a secret to make some type of amount of money, you would want to tell someone. Of course, for a small flat fee, right?

Would you give your secret to making money for free?

Unfortunately, this is how the world is. Internet scams after scams. Although, scams have been around before the internet.

I watched my father lose thousands with the Carlton Sheets Program. Yet, it never stopped him from moving forward.

Thus, don’t get mad at them because they are using their secret for profit. The tricky part is that you really don’t know if there is a secret at all.

This is why it is a must that you are doing your Research!!!

On the other hand, not all websites are like this. Some give prizes for the goals you reached because they are teaching you something new to encourage the task.

Not just sending you a PDF and off on your way like you know what you are doing…

Don’t let making money online scare you because others are dishonest about it. You can learn the right way to making money online instead of losing money online if you find the right website to help you get there.

Learning the Right Way to the Right Community

Learning Wealthy AffiliateMoving on this battle of finding ways to make extra money online.

This time I’m searching differently, with the caution of legitimate features to look for. They won’t get me this time.

While looking up one company that happened to be a scam. I found another to be true. Really, true to their word.

I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, I was still cautious. Yet, not as much because they allowed me to do so much not even being a Premium Member yet. I was a Starter member but didn’t invest a dime with a website of my own.

I thought I was missing something. Nope. I wasn’t missing anything at all.

Everything I needed to know was right in plain sight. Learning about Wealthy Affiliate opened a new door in my life. They didn’t seem like those other websites.

They were more like a community. Each member helps each other. Nobody is ever stuck with a problem.

Wealthy Affiliate helps you to learn so much in one place.

Click Here for More Information About Wealthy Affiliate!!

Meanwhile, I was a week in and still didn’t invest in anything but my time.

I wanted more though. I wanted to be a premium member.

The crazy part, to start was less than buying a large pizza. I couldn’t beat that!

Within 30 days, I learned more here than being in my first year in college. Wealthy Affiliate was one of the best decisions I’ve made even before becoming a premium member.

In Conclusion

Losing money online is very possible, just don’t be naive about it like I was.The main thing is doing a thorough search on that website.You will see the signs if they are legit or not.

I know it is hard when you are desperate. Defeating the struggle is hard when finances are becoming greater each year but the job is still the same.

Don’t get so anxious and lose your money carelessly.

Start At Wealthy AffiliateBeing that you want to make money online you can start here first at Wealthy Affiliate. There is such a range of great reviews for you to look and from there you can make your judgment of their process to help you to make extra money online. Remember you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of beneficial information

I have my review right here!

What do you have to lose to tour around to see, what you can become if you took the chance to look for yourself? You can!

The internet can be scary. And you may have lost some money already. But rest assured, going with Wealthy Affiliate, you won’t lose your money again.

If you found this article helpful or gained information on how people are losing money online; please feel free to leave comments or questions below.

I would love to hear your feedback.

2 thoughts on “Losing Money Online – Has it Happened to You

  1. What a great article. I am amazed at how many of these “get-rich-quick” internet schemes are popping up almost daily now.
    Everyone has the answer to all your troubles and how to make you a millionaire over night but non of these really teach you anything other then how to give away money to someone else and make them rich.
    As you say, research, and perhaps a little common sense, can go a long way to making a success out of whatever you choose to do.

    All the best in your success!
    Wayne Killins

    1. Thank you 🙂

      It is truly amazing and scary how many are out there and to just to take your money. That’s so hurtful to do to someone just to make a buck. Sometimes common sense are shadowed by the big dollar signs they claim you suppose to make. I can remember when they were not online. The scheme has not changed just the concept in the way the do it. 

      Just like a TV judge always say, “If it doesn’t make since then it is not true”. Yes, have common sense, however, when it’s blocked by shiny things, do crazy research.

      Thanks again                                                                                                                                                               Chrisie 🙂

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