Sick of Having No Money- What Can You Do About It

Being sick of having no money is a killer. How many of you feel like this? This is not a great feeling to have, although, it seems like more people than some understand this feeling. Sick of having no money-1Sick of having no money can stem from a few different things like:

  • Not Having a job
  • Having a Job and Bills taking all your Money
  • You can’t work for Whatever Reason
  • You may feel or have been told, you are Too Young or perhaps even Too Old to Work

People do not generally take into consideration the reasons why a person may be broke or financially challenged. They already assume why, which isn’t fair to you. I’ve learned you have to believe in yourself first before others believe in you. You have to show your strength and mindset that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Let’s go through the ways we are disappointed in having no money and what we can do about it.

Having No Money, Because of No Job

sick of having no money-2Have you ever asked someone for help and they asked you where’s your money? I wouldn’t have asked you if I had it. Shoot! I would’ve offered some money to you too.

I was in that situation more than I should’ve been not having no money because I wasn’t working. People can make you feel low and worthless because you don’t have a regular hourly wage job. Why is that? Is it because misery loves the company or they just don’t know what else to say?

I am also a person of taking a person’s words to heart. You will never know how your words affect people. This is one of the reasons why I blog. My words may help someone to be inspired to believe in themselves and encourage them to make a change for the better, even with or without a job.

Therefore, don’t fall into the negativity of others. Find people that show and give you positively to your ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Being around positive people, notice you feel more inspired to find ways out from being tired of having no money because you don’t have a job. That should not stop you. It didn’t stop me.

However, there are other ways of struggling not to have money when you need or want it.

I Have A Job And Still, I Am Always Broke

This was my story for about 4 years of my life. being of working with for a company, working about 50 to 80 hours a week. being of going out of town as well. Within the second year, I drove weekly out of town for about 8 months. My home started to look like no one lived there.

sick of having no money-3

With all those hours being of working were my financial obligations being paid off? No, I still was barely getting by, even though, being of working so many hours a week but it never showed on my paycheck.

Some try to 2 to 3 jobs-sometimes 4 jobs just to break even in bills. That is too much! Do you think that is too much to work that many jobs just to pay bills? There should be some time for yourself. You can’t if you have to work that hard just to pay the bills.

You Can’t Work For Whatever Reason

Being of stuck and can’t work when I injured my back, even though, people thought nothing was wrong with me to work.

Some can say some hurtful things like, “Get off your lazy ass and find a job!”

sick of having no money-4

What do you think I’ve been doing? How many are tired to be told you’re overqualified? Wouldn’t that mean I would do a better job than a person that doesn’t have the experience?

What if you have a sickness that stopped you from working, then what? Am I lazy still because of how the world looks at me because of my health?

Some people with disabilities are the hardest working people out there but some employers won’t give them a chance. It shouldn’t be like that because of the challenges they face every day. They can work like or even better than some workers.

When you give a young person a chance, you will see what they have to prove to themselves that they can do it. I know some young people that are willing to work and an employer will not give them a chance but Wealthy Affiliate will.

They do not discriminate against anyone. They truly do not discriminate based off of age, race, creed, color, sexuality or disability. I heard there was a 10-year-old little girl that made her own online business.

If they can teach a 10-year-old, I know they can teach anyone just as they are taught and still teaching me.

You Are Never Too Young To Have

A lot of adults don’t give young people enough credit. Yes, I know about the ones that don’t have a care in the world. We call those youngsters lazy, right. But that’s not all of them.

I know some young people with a clear head on their shoulders and are true leaders at heart. They just need the direction to grow as a leader.

Most young people are sick of having no money. Parents are not like they used to be. Some are a little harder or too lenient nowadays with their children.

Youngsters don’t take it as a bad thing. I am a parent and fuss like no other but I had to stop to see what my children were really facing every day in their world.

The world was beating my children up mentally, where they felt it physically. They were lashing out because of others’ opinions of them.

For a child that is crucial! A person’s opinion can even hurt adults. We say we don’t care but deep inside it has affected us in some type of way.

My young people, I do understand what you’re going through, even though, your parents might not. Don’t give up, you can believe in yourself to do anything you put your mind to. No matter what it may be, you just have to believe in yourself.

I’m Not Too Old To Work

I know that you are not too old and far from it. My mother has been dealing with this issue of being looked upon of her age, not her work ethic. Although, it may take her a little longer to learn something new than a young person. That doesn’t mean she will not get understand the task. 

sick of having no money-5

When she understands that new task, she will run circles around you. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with her :-).  However, some tasks she knows she can’t do in some particular jobs. That does not mean she’s too old. 

She just has to find the right job that fits her. Yet, those same jobs that are right for her were looking at her age. My mother and other elders are awesome. You can learn so much from them if you just listen. 

I really don’t want my mother to work if you asked me. I want her to have her own online business too. She is an awesome baker. I’m trying to get her to come around to selling her receipts online. 

She doesn’t think her baked goods are that good. They really are! Ok, I’m getting really hungry thinking about all those motherly made sweets. 

An elder’s work ethic has nothing to do with their age. Therefore, with our courageous and wisdom thinking elders, don’t let their image fool you. I know some elders in their 70s that can run circles around your work ethic easy. They get tired of having no money too.

All In All

Sick of having no money is becoming a disease for some because it is truly killing you to worry about money all the time.

I know, I’ve been there. It’s not fun or funny at all. Don’t let anyone bring you down because of your finances. That can be your husband, wife, significant other, or friends. Regardless of who they might be, still don’t let them bring you down.

That’s what I said, don’t let no one, I mean ANYONE gets in the way of your dreams. Misery always wants company and that includes you. You can’t allow that to happen. It’s your life! Take Control Of It!

If you have any questions or comment to learning not to be broke ever again. Please feel free to share and leave your replies below. We love to help anyone that truly wants the help to succeed.

6 thoughts on “Sick of Having No Money- What Can You Do About It

  1. I hate the fact that people judge you immediately when you said that you have no money.

    Hey, people even judge me when I worked part-time at McDonalds to gain work experience and to earn some bucks to pay for my own expenses. They say that I’m useless that’s why I work in McDonalds instead of somewhere else.

    I’m really sick and tired of this. No money, get despised. Get a job, get compared. Stuck in this never ending loop.

    1. Hey Rachel,

      You are never useless! Don’t you ever forget that. Sometimes people can be very cruel and not knowing how it will affect you. They never look at the bigger picture, which is your goal. You didn’t say or think that you were going to work for McDonald’s for the rest of your life. Yet, they frown upon you. On top of that, when you succeed, they are upset that you didn’t share your wealth with them too. 

      Regardless of what some people may think; or even what THEY want you to be, you can’t please everybody. I’ve developed a thick skin when it comes to a person with negative thoughts of me. People will be people. The choice is up to me, if I allow their negativity to affect my positivity in accomplishing my goals.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Best wishes,

      Chrisie 🙂 

  2. There is nothing much worse, in my opinion than having no money…

    It does completely suck!

    I have been there too many times in my life.

    There is only 1 way out of it and that is to take action.

    Remember that where you are now at the present time, is a result of all the things you did and all the decisions you made in the past…

    If you do not like where you are…

    Take a look over the last 12 months and see which decision was the one (or maybe there were many) that led you to where you are now.

    Once you see where you started the loss, you can put it right!

    Making better decisions today, can create a beautiful tomorrow!


    1. Hey Tim,

      That’s right, you have to take action to get out of the rut of having no money. If you don’t, your mindset will think that is the way of life. Yes, when someone doesn’t like something about themselves, you have to take one step at a time to change. If a person looks at the last 12 months of their life, may become overwhelming. It only takes 3 to 6 months for me to look back for improvement. 

      The question is when you see the problem, do you have the courage to change it for the better? Don’t settle in it any longer and take action.

      Tim, you have the right attitude 🙂

  3. Hello Chrisie,

    Your article describes the struggles very well. I don’t want to become too personal, but life shuttled me many times, at periods of my life I thought I would stand well in the middle of my existence.

    To me it was quite a life saving action, the day I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and the possibility to take action to improve my situation. Although it was not easy, first because I am from an older generation, second because English is not my mother tongue. But the quality of the lessons and the incredible community made it possible even for me !

    So, really, from the bottom of my heart I encourage everyone to take the first step, there is no risk it is free.

    And thank you for informing people about this chance.

    Wishing you happiness, health and success,


    1. Hey Anne 🙂

      Thank you for your comment. Although you didn’t get too personal, you truly understand what a struggle or struggles really mean and wanting to get out of them. The fact that you to taught yourself the English language. I know that can be difficult on its own. 

      Wealthy Affiliate makes everything seem easy. It’s just the abundance of information WA gives you. However, you have the choice of how to consume that information. You can learn at your own pace. And to do it for free! WA is the best place to be when defeating the struggle out of anything.

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