Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – Stops You From Losing Money Ever Again


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews helped me from being buried alive in debt

Losing Money No More By using Wealthy Affiliate Reviews to defeat your financial struggle!

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews are one of a kind. Why? We are telling you from experience and we want to help you the same.

Have you ever got to the point in your struggle, that you simply had enough? As a result, worked over 40 hours with a two-week paycheck (barely $1000) that isn’t enough to pay your bills.

I did. Finally, I got tired of being tired of losing money.

Therefore, I went online looking for a way out of my financial struggle. Maybe you have seen the ones stating “You can make $$$$ in a day!”

I know I know. They almost had me pulling money out of my pocket that I didn’t have too. However, each one I found, stayed in a SCAM. Sadly most of them were.

Furthermore, making money online it seemed like a myth.

Consequently, I was at the end of my rope, searching endlessly online; seems like the reports of SCAMS was making it impossible to believe that you can make money online.

While I was searching one more company to see if they were for real. Needless to say, they were not. I was getting ready to close out the screen, give up and just look for another undesirable job.

Until I came across a little paragraph talking about a company called [Wealthy Affiliate].

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews will tell you how this company has changed my life. Before I do, I will give you a pinpoint overview and my rankings ( 1 to 10 being the highest) of what to expect from Wealthy Affiliate Reviews. Then, I will explain.

 My Overview & Ranking Of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com>

Training: 9.5

Support: 10

Website Builders: 9

Success Stories: 9.8

Price: To starter member: FREE

It’s FREE ( Try out premium membership $19, premium member $49 monthly/$359 a year)

Defeat The Struggle Rank: 10 

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – My First Impression

Have you ever been to a company/website and they give you a tour of what they offer you at no cost?
Probably heard more smoke and mirrors of what they can do, not really how they do it, either you make a payment, right? Not here!

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to come in and see for yourself how everything works.
Believe you me, I was skeptical at first. It’s like Wealthy Affiliate said, “Make yourself at home. We are family and here to help. Seriously!”

I just didn’t know how serious they were.

Let me point out some things that made me look at Wealthy Affiliate differently than the others.

  • You’re not alone. You’re in a family that conquered their financial struggles and willing to show you to do the same!!
  • The support from the Wealthy Affiliate members is out of the world!!
  • The knowledge and fulfillment that you can succeed on your own!!

WhatCha Get 

Furthermore, walking into Wealthy Affiliate for the first time is scary and awesome at the same time.

Scary because it’s a new beginning that you are about to face. Awesome because they will be there to help you with anything you are having issues with.

Wealthy Affiliate helps you build your own business. In what? Whatever you are passionate about!

Understanding to Create your Niche with Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

What are you passionate about? Hint: It can be anything! For instance: 

  • Whatever you’re good at and want to teach others
  • Sports
  • Perfume
  • Gemstones
  • Toys

It can be anything, you name it! That is what you call a niche. As a result, your niche will become your website.

Yes, your very own business!

A Starter member, which is free; you get:

  • Course Level 1 Training (10 step by step Lessons within the Course)
  • BootCamp Training ( Phase 1)
  • 2 Free Website & Hosting
  • 30 Keyword Searches monthly ( within Keyword Research Tools: Jaaxy)
  • Support ( From Owners, Tech Support, and The whole Wealthy Affiliate family)
  • Access to 2 Training Classrooms

Premium membership allows access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Premium membership access:

  • 50 sites with Website Hosting (Unlimited Web Hosting; that alone is a win-win!)
  • Unlimited Usage of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool 
  • Video Training ( live video training)
  • Access to All 13 Classrooms, 5 Courses, and Over 50 Training Lessons
  • Live Chat Room ( help any time of day)
  • Tech Support for your sites (Unlimited!)
  • All Phases of Bootcamp Training
  • Support from Wealthy Affiliate Members
  • Website Backing and SSL Security

In addition to becoming a Premium member:

  • You get to try out for 30 days at $19 

After 30 days, $49 monthly or $349 for a year (annual savings of 29 a month)

What company do you get direct access to the owners? You can send a message to Kyle or Carson, and within no time they will reply back to you. While with other companies you’ll never see or hear from that owner(s).

Please understand due to them helping hundreds of individuals in a day. If it’s not that day they will contact you.

Just be patient they will get to you in no time. Not only the owners are in your corner for support. As a matter of fact, Tech Support is awesome! They helped me in a situation where I had to send a ticket in to fix a problem. 

I thought it was going to take a long for a reply, like a waiting in line at McDonald’s. I left my computer for twenty minutes. In fact, tech support responded back within five minutes. Five minutes! I really appreciated that and it has not changed. 

Also, you have the whole Wealthy Affiliate family to help you through every step of the way. We have a lot of members that you can ask your questions, give you insight, feedback or just a little encouragement.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews show Members' Support
Wealthy Affiliate Review of Members’ Support

We are here to help each other.

In Conclusion

Overall my opinion of Wealthy Affiliate is two thumbs up! Why?

Seems like coming into Wealthy Affiliate you may have hesitations, which is okay. However, seems like hesitations can do one of two things.

Keep you where you are, a place where you don’t want to be or rather drive you to success. What do you have to lose to check this out?

You can’t do that any place else.

You may look at the price. I did too. However, it’s an investment to something greater and nothing is greater than yourself.

Look at it like this:

How many times have you had to invest in work shoes or company attire (uniforms or equipment)? All those things are an investment for you to work for that company. That kind of investment is not for you, rather you investing in that company.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: Show how you can be Success
Happy and Successful

As a result, anything you put towards Wealthy Affiliate is for you. It’s an investment with yourself; since that, you have the courage to step out on your own. 

Believe in yourself and invest in you!

Especially relevant, everything you make (your sites) is yours. Wealthy Affiliate will never take your ideas away from you. You will still have access to what you started with.

Yet, what do have to lose but to gain?

For the most part, how can you lose; when you’re gaining all this knowledge less than buying a pizza?

 => Check Out Wealthy Affiliate Platform For FREE!<=

If you have a question or concerns about anything, please feel free to ask. Leave me a comment or question below. Or if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member feel free also to leave any comment or feedback below.

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